Derived from Polynesian beliefs ‘Mana’ suggests spiritual energy, personal power & empowerment which exists in objects, places & people. While ‘Chi’ refers to the life force or vital force, energy that animates the universe, from the traditional Chinese belief systems.

Mana & Chi is an apothecary dedicated to the revival of ancient, ancestral remedies and rituals for holistic wellness. Our origins lie in our founders’ family’s long heritage of using natural concoctions for their own beauty, health and wellness pursuits. Our founder, an energy healer, was also heavily inspired by the practice of ancient Vedics and alchemists, who integrated their knowledge of recipes with their understanding of energy and matter, to create potions with greater potency.

And from such roots began our own vast exploration of age-old wellness remedies, rituals and therapies from different cultures across the world. From all natural face masks, body scrubs used in ancient India to imperial Chinese face rollers to healing modalities like Pranic Healing & European Bach Flower Therapy, we aspire to bring you the best of what our ancestors had to offer.


Manasi, our founder, is a Pranic Healer, Arhatic yogi, BACH Remedy practioner & a seeker at heart. She’s found her calling in marrying spirituality to all aspects of her life, with a vision to integrate energy consciousness into our daily lifestyle.

In her earlier avatar, she was a well-known brand & communication strategist associated with the Indian fashion and luxury industry for almost a decade. She served as Head of Communications for IMGR Fashion, leading all media and PR duties for Lakme Fashion Week, the premier and biggest fashion event in India along with launching India’s only fashion weekend. Her experience extends to working with international publication house Condé Nast India as PR Manager, looking at Vogue, GQ, Condé Nast Traveller, Architectural Digest along with their various event IPs & new launches like Vogue Fashion Fund, GQ Fashion Nights to name a few. Her corporate career started with HUL within the beauty & wellness domain, looking at Lakme Salon & launching their premium proposition Lakme Studio which received much critical acclaim.

She was honoured with 30 under30 title by PRMoment India in 2016. In her me time, she loves dancing, painting and is a voracious reader of esoteric novels & theosophy.

Manasi Golechha Bhandari



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